The production process of steel furniture

From the process of cutting, shearing, bending, stamping, welding, spray molding, assembly, packing, etc., all are operated by professional production lines, the degree of mechanization is 70%. In the production process, the next process is checked. The quality of the products, the unqualified semi-finished products will not flow into the next process, so that the layers are checked. Chicsteel Furniture’s production workshop aims to not accept defective products, not to manufacture defective products, and not to transfer defective products. Everyone is a quality inspector!

Steel parts are treated with a new process of electrostatic spray

1. Process: high temperature degreasing – cleaning (once) – descaling – (pickling) – cleaning (secondary) – phosphating – cleaning – drying – spraying – heating Curing up to 200 degrees.

2, inspection: A, surface spray adhesion strength test B, a kilogram of steel ball can be used to fall naturally at a height of 50 cm, the surface will not fall off.

3. Features: The surface is smooth and sturdy, and should not fall off. After photostatting, the inner wall of the steel pipe is well protected and should not be rusted. Reduce maintenance rates, extend product life cycles, and more.

Solid and durable steel office furniture is the most common in the office, especially file cabinets, movable cabinets, lockers, bookcases and other products, but also an indispensable storage tool in the office.

What should I pay attention to when maintaining steel office furniture?

Try to avoid bumps during transportation to prevent surface damage and cause the cabinet to rust. When handling, hold it gently, keep it level, and keep a certain distance from the wall. The placed floor should be kept dry to prevent moisture and palatalization.

Avoid contact with acid-base liquids to prevent the cabinet from being corroded. Keep the surface of the cabinet clean. If the surface is not clean, wipe it with a cleanser and wipe it off with a dry cloth. Avoid direct contact with the cabinet surface when corrosive objects are placed in the cabinet.

Use the correct method to unlock the lock to avoid damage to the lock body. When switching cabinet doors and drawers, lightly open and close to avoid violent impact. Do not hit the cabinet with hard objects, and do not use sharp objects to draw the surface of the cabinet.

Chicsteel has the most advanced CNC cutting, punching and folding production lines at home and abroad, as well as automatic photostatting electrostatic spray lines. It adopts the most advanced 13-station pre-treatment system and electrostatic spray and other cutting-edge processes; the products are: The annual production capacity of more than 380 varieties of file cabinets, lockers, shelves, shelves, school furniture, etc. is over one million pieces (sets). Leading enterprise in the steel furniture industry, trustworthy, what are you waiting for?

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