Tips about caring for steel furniture

Steel office furniture maintenance methods? Steel office furniture is more durable than other materials, generally used for file cabinets, etc., one of the necessary furniture for the office. Therefore, the small series of office furniture of the military will be introduced to you. Maintenance methods for office furniture.

Maintenance method for steel office furniture
Pay attention to

Although the steel material is very strong, care should be taken when handling and placing steel office furniture, to maintain balance, and to maintain a certain distance from the wall.

Pay attention to dry moisture

The most noteworthy maintenance of steel office furniture is moisture-proof and dry-proof. Avoid moisture on the floor and corrode steel furniture.

Avoid contact with acid-base liquids

Steel office furniture should also pay attention to the inability to contact with acid and alkali liquids to prevent the cabinet from being corroded.

Keep the surface clean

Keep the surface of the cabinet clean. If it is not clean, wipe it with a cleanser and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Use the correct method to unlock

For steel file cabinets, pay attention to the correct method when unlocking, to avoid damage to the cabinet, and to open the door cabinet and drawers at the same time, pay attention to light off, avoid impact, and can not use sharp objects to knock on, avoiding Produces scratches.

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