why do people always say wood furniture will be placed by steel furniture?

Compared with traditional wooden furniture, steel furniture has significant advantages in fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. Steel furniture is generally pressed by cold-rolled steel plate, and its surface is made of electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic spray, or phosphating after spraying epoxy resin, thus forming high hardness and strong coloring of steel furniture. Degree, so that it will not peel off due to ordinary impact or cause surface depression. Therefore, the public furniture is often used frequently, and the linear design of the simple atmosphere makes the steel office file cabinets never fall behind even after a long time. At the same time, the use of the above-mentioned coloring method avoids harmful gases that are unhealthy in the production process, and makes the user’s use safer and more environmentally friendly.

The steel furniture series are generally lightweight, compact and economical mobile storage devices. They can reduce the use of the site with maximum storage efficiency and save your rental expenses. It’s no exaggeration to say that the cost of each year will allow you to buy a new “file cabinet combination”. In addition to the overall steel furniture, office cabinets, some humanized accessories, such as: can hold 40Kg fixed shelf, can be used as activity shelf for the activity table, all kinds of hanging clips for A4 and FC folders Etc., further enriching the storage function of the office.

Steel office furniture is often used as a storage cabinet for storage purposes, and is also used for lockers and shoe cabinets in public environments. In general, the replacement of wooden furniture by steel furniture is a general trend. Compared with wooden furniture, steel furniture has low price, long life and good sliding performance, and can save about 20% of space.

Of course, in addition to the traditional large office environment, a small number of office cabinets are also required for some small offices that are just starting out. Compared with general office furniture, steel furniture has a longer life cycle, and the style is not easy to be outdated. It can provide more storage space for small companies, and the price is relatively moderate.

Regardless of whether the office is large or small, whether you are a gold collar, white collar or gray collar, office storage has become a trend nowadays. It brings us a clean office environment and enhances our work efficiency. Let us There is a simpler way to pack documents and office supplies, and you can face work with a more relaxed mood.

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Post time: Oct-23-2018
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